Did I Really Write That?

It seems pretty common for unpublished writers to carry a lot of self doubt, especially after putting a piece of writing under intense critique. Yesterday I posted about being humble–today, my thoughts are about not being afraid to have a little pride in your work.

I think in all areas of life, we have to walk a fine line between selling ourselves and humbling ourselves. I’ve sat in job interviews before where people have encouraged me to not be embarrassed and share all of my positive attributes, and I know it’s mostly from my self-doubt.

I think that’s why Philippians 4:13 resonates with so many of us. 

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

If we have faith in him, and do all things through him, there’s no need to doubt ourselves.

Sometimes I look at a line I’ve written, and I don’t believe it really came from me. I did that this morning, read over a chapter and thought, “Man, my editor is really good!” 

Then I realized the line was in one of my unedited chapters. Yep, it came from me. 

The key is to remember where doubt comes from. Who is it that eats away at our comfort and peace? Who is it that chips away at our confidence and makes us question our God-given talents? And why on Earth should we pay him any attention?

About monicamynk

I'm a Christian, wife, mother, and high school science teacher, and author of the Cavernous Trilogy and Goddess to Daughter Series.

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