Billboard Bride Scavenger Hunt Rules

Billboard Bride Thumbnail

It’s Scavenger Hunt time! Let the fun begin! Are you in?

Here’s how to play:

  1. On May 1, download your Kindle copy of The Billboard Bride at the 99-cent promo price. This price will last for 13 days!
  2. Read the book! Every scavenger clue will come from the story. DO NOT POST the answers!
  3. Instead, submit your answers VIA THE OFFICIAL FORM.
  4. Earn extra entries by posting a review for Billboard Bride or any of my other books to Amazon and Goodreads. If you already have, send me the links.
  5. Earn MORE extra entries by following me on Twitter, liking my Facebook page, and SHARING news about the contest. Please tag me on your posts or shares or comment on the page so I will know you’ve done this and can add your entries.
  6. HAVE FUN!
  7. All the answers will be announced on Sunday, May 14, and the winner will be announced May 21 when all entries have been tallied.

About monicamynk

I'm a Christian, wife, mother, and high school science teacher, and author of the Cavernous Trilogy and Goddess to Daughter Series.

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