Book Review: Five Stars to A Hobo’s Wish!


Connie Lounsbury has written a heart-wrenching and beautiful written story about second chances, love, and a man forgiving himself to become what God made him to be.

Pete Walters knows loss far too well following the deaths of his beloved wife and daughter, and a year later, he drowns his sorrows with alcohol and swims in his depression. Even worse, because his focus is so inward, he can’t seem to stop himself from making terrible mistakes that lead to further loss, like the devastating barn fire that sends his already-struggling friend into an even deeper financial chasm.

With his head tucked under his chin, Pete does the only thing he knows to do–he signs his house and horses over to his friend, packs up his veterinary equipment and a few personal things and travels cross-country to find work in Texas.

Misfortune follows Pete–thieves take his car and money, and he’s unable to find work as a vet. Through what can only be explained by God’s providence, a chance encounter with an experienced hobo gives Pete a glimpse at another life. Though Pete is hesitant at first, before long, he’s riding the rails like a pro, seeking work as he moves from town to town. He makes great friends along the way, but it’s not easy. Between hunger, jail time, and his ragged appearance, Pete’s self-confidence wanes. He perseveres, however, and comes to discover how small glimpses of happiness can be found in unexpected places, especially by offering kindness to others. When he stops focusing on inward things, such as his own self-pity, and reaches outward, he begins to hope again.

As he continues his journey, another hobo tells him about a place called Kathleen Creek, and he decides to go there to start a new life. But it’s difficult–no one likes or respects a hobo, and they sure don’t want his degrading presence in their town. Still, Pete’s not giving up. One-by-one, he finds small ways to serve them, from using his veterinary skills to help a wounded dog and a struggling farm family to offering a young man companionship and relationship advice. He even catches the eye of a beautiful woman and dreams of a second chance at marriage and a family. Can Pete convince the townspeople through his kindness that he deserves acceptance from this beautiful community he’s so grown to love?

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I'm a Christian, wife, mother, and high school science teacher, and author of the Cavernous Trilogy and Goddess to Daughter Series.

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