Strong Enough To Bend

When I sat down to write Megan/Medusa’s story, I knew two things. I wanted Zach to struggle with alcoholism and Megan to struggle with bitterness. Here’s a guy who’s been after her since their teens, and she’s kept turning him down. He gets more depressed about it, dives deeper into his alcoholism, and widens the chasm between them even more.

Megan’s spent so much time resenting him and pushing him away that she doesn’t realize she’d be miserable without him.

In essence, they had a relationship prior to the beginning of the story, because they spent time together every single day. If their love was like a valley, they both stood opposing, their hands barely touching, but neither willing to leave their side so they could join in the middle. So true of a lot of early relationships, I think.

These days, many couples get caught up in pursuing individual wants rather than serving each other with mutual respect. It’s a challenge to take “me” out of the equation in order to become “we.”

In Medusa’s Hands, they awaken to this fact shortly into the story. But to find their way to a peaceful, loving unity, they both have to commit to change. There are so many challenges to this. Who changes first? What if I commit to change, but he refuses? What if I can’t change.

When I write, I usually have song lyrics in the back of my mind. If this story had a song, it would be Tanya Tucker’s Strong Enough to Bend. Medusa is a story about learning to bend.

17 more days!


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